Here is Hamilton, Ontario, homeowners are beginning to have a tree problem.

The problem they are experiencing is that many years ago when their homes were built, the builders planted trees to make the property look nice and homey, which they did. Local municipalities also lined the streets with trees for the same reason, and to give their neighborhoods a nice welcoming appearance.

Now, all of that was great back then when the trees were small and manageable. However, here we are years later and they are huge.

We now have these massive trees in our front and backyards that have enormous canopies so we barely get any sunlight anymore. The branches are gigantic and heavy, so they tend to bend over our fences into neighbors yards. They also frequently break from their own weight, and that problem is compounded in the wintertime when they are laden with snow and ice. This causes massive insurance headaches when they do break, plus it is also super dangerous.

There is also the problem with the root system. They are strong and grow into our basements, watermains and tear up everything beneath the surface of our lawns. This can cause us to lose power, destroy our plumbing and break the foundation and footing of our homes.

In short, the trees were a great idea but ended up becoming a huge problem.

When you hire a tree removal service, you can expect them to show up in the morning, and probably be done by the end of the day. They are experts who will have your tree down and in pieces quickly and efficiently. They’re ninjas at what they do and when you consider the benefits, it’s worth the cost of hiring a good team.

Your tree removal project won’t take long, and you will need to rent a roll-off disposal dumpster for the job. The tree will be chopped up into manageable pieces, so the dumpster can be placed on your driveway or on the road which will allow your crew the ability to easily toss all of the pieces into the bin. Then when it is full, it will be hauled away and everything is safely disposed of according to the law at a waste management recycling centre. It is a simple and frequently one-day process that is easily manageable, and when it is done, you’ll be amazed at how much space you now have on your property.

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