Tree Removal Dumpster Service

Homes in Southern Ontario have been around for decades, and in some cases even longer. The population began to expand in the 1930’s and 40’s and it has continued ever since all across the province from rural homes to suburbs.

All of these homes have one thing in common: trees. Trees were planted for a variety of reasons for everything from providing shade and beautifying their landscape, to offering privacy and green space. They were also used as a natural barrier for people who didn’t want to build a fence. Trees of every variety are a staple on our properties, and since these properties are getting older, so are the trees.

Many of our trees are getting to the point where they need to be removed. They are either becoming sick and dying, or simply being too big, and their root system is spreading into our basements and underground plumbing. This is a huge problem in suburban areas where trees were planted in new subdivisions in front of every house. Sure it looked nice at first, but that was 40 years ago. Now their roots are destroying our plumbing and these trees need to be removed.

They can also be a hassle with your neighbours and lower your property value. For example, you may have a tree in your backyard that has become too large for its space. You no longer have any sunlight during the day, and it is dangerously hanging over into your neighbours yard. Branches are constantly breaking off, wrecking the fence and falling into their garden. They would be understandably annoyed about this, so its best to simply get rid of it before it becomes a real danger.

Hiring a tree removal service is easy enough, however they are always busy during the spring and summer so you will want to book one early. You are also going to need a roll-off disposal dumpster to haul away the tree once the removal service has cut it into pieces. You can simply order a bin online, and you will want to choose a large one, because removing a tree creates a huge amount of material that needs to be taken away to a recycling centre.

You can pick a time to have it delivered so it coordinates with your removal service, and have it picked up at a convenient time when the job is finished, or it is full.

Once the tree is removed you will find that your property enjoys more sunshine, is more open, so you have a better view and it somehow feels more fresh. It also increases your property value and if your old tree was breaking your foundation or plumbing, you can now have a crew move in and begin repairs.

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