Tips for Properly Loading A Dumpster

Open dumpster full of rubbish, not overflowing

Having the right garbage disposal plan for your project is a huge factor to consider, and should not be an afterthought. You want a service that will provide the assistance you need, such as choosing a dumpster size that meets your specific needs and makes you aware of its safe disposal methods. Plus, you want to achieve these things while also not having to spend a ton of money.

Whether your project is home improvement, landscaping, or some other project entirely, there are factors that cannot be overlooked, which is why you want the right service on your side from the get go. While garbage (or discarded items) might just seem like junk to be rid of, different materials require different disposal methods or care. But, with the right disposal partner, you won’t have to worry about the details. 

However, details matter when it comes to getting the most out of loading your dumpster. At first thought, you might consider that all materials simply get tossed in the dumpster and then it is out of your hands. However, there are proper ways to load a dumpster! To get the biggest bang for your buck, read on.

Some of these ways are for efficiency, while others are for safety, but none should be ignored. Check out these easy-to-follow tips for properly loading your dumpster.

Fitting The Most Into the Dumpster Efficiently 

Before you start tossing things in the dumpster, consider the space it holds. Like any open container, there is a way to load it up so that it holds items more efficiently and it pays to make sure you have some dumpster loading tips in your back pocket! 

  • Load bulky items first. Larger pieces, such as furniture, should be scattered evenly on the bottom. It is always easier to fit smaller pieces in and around the larger ones than the other way around. 
  • Break down items when possible. And this doesn’t only mean cardboard boxes (if you are not in a place where recycling is an option). Even if this breaking down requires a bit of extra effort, it will be easier to maximize the space and fit the most into the dumpster. Wooden planks, for example, can be cut down to smaller sizes with a saw if breaking them is not an option. 
  • Large pieces of garbage can create awkward gaps that can make loading up a dumpster more difficult than it needs to be. A good idea is to constantly look at the level and placement of the garbage in your dumpster during the process. Fill in gaps when possible to make sure your packing is evenly distributed and even.

Safety Tips When Loading a Dumpster

As with anything pertaining to your project, you need to make sure the dumpster is being loaded safely. This is not only for your sake, and for those who are loading the dumpster or working around it during the project, but also for those who are responsible for hauling away and emptying it afterward. 

  • People tend to overload dumpsters, which is a common mistake that can be dangerous for a handful of reasons. The dumpster level is set to its height for a reason, and going over this height can be hazardous. For example, if the materials are too high, they can come loose and fly out during transportation. This debris can be problematic and even harmful to others. 
  • The best way to load your dumpster is through the open door as opposed to throwing all the pieces over the edge. You will get to that point as the process goes on, but there is no reason to start this way. This can ease the strain on you or others loading the dumpster, as well as prevent items from breaking and creating more sharp and hazardous pieces than need be.

Empty dumpster in driveway waiting to be filled

Partner with the Professionals

Choosing the right partner to eliminate the waste from your project is not the same as taking out the kitchen trash.

You need a partner you can trust, who can help you find the right disposal method for your particular project, the right size of dumpster you need and who will be there for you when you need as the project goes on.

Contact the professionals at Clean Er Up and order your dumpster online today.

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