Hooklift trucks have been called the Swiss Army knives of the road. While that may be true, and high praise indeed, it does offer the question regarding “yes, but does it do everything good?”

That’s a fair question because with any tool or mechanism that offers users the ability to use for more than one specific function the question becomes does this tool or mechanism trade quality for versatility. For example, an all wheel drive crossover is a good vehicle for city and highway driving, and it will get you down a dirt road in the winter safely. However, it isn’t a sport tuned rally car that will corner at high speeds, nor is it a Jeep that will take you deep into a forest trail during a blizzard. It is a decent all-rounder that is perfect for getting to work and soccer practice with the kiddos.

A hooklift truck does the opposite, and earns its title as a Swiss Army knife. They can handle many different jobs and do them well because it was designed from the ground up as a working vehicle that can be deployed as a versatile machine that is perfectly capable for a variety of jobs and industries.

A hooklift truck is able to accomplish all of its goals because it is a heavy-duty truck chassis that has been fitted with a hydraulic hooklift hoist. The hydraulic hoist system allows contractors and other businesses to roll on and roll off different truck bodies or containers. Once the container is loaded onto the truck, a locking mechanism in the hooklift system attaches the truck body or container securely in place for transportation to the next job site.

The flexibility that a hooklift system provides is especially attractive to many municipalities. Their work truck can now offer them the ability to do many different jobs all in one week like hauling waste to a recycling depot, removing a large tank from a property, tree trimming and even electrical work.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a hooklift truck:

1) Versatility. A hooklift truck can haul many types of truck bodies or containers. This can significantly cut costs for contractors, municipalities and others by reducing fleet sizes.
2) They Are Great In Tight Spaces. Hook lift systems provide the ability to engage a container or body up to 30 degrees off-center when picking up. This allows the truck to maneuver and operate better in tight spaces.
3) Great For Operator Safety. A hook lift driver can complete a pick-up or drop-off safely from inside the cab of the truck. In contrast, the driver of a cable roll off truck must get out of the cab and physically latch the roll off cable to the container or body.
4) Save Money On Driver Costs. Different vehicles means you need different drivers who are trained and certified to operate the vehicles. With a hook lift truck, one truck can replace many specialty vehicles and require only one driver to operate it.


If your business or municipality has been thinking about investing in one or more hooklift trucks as a way of streamlining your fleet and operating expenses, without having to cut back on your services or even expand them, then this is the buyers guide you have been looking for.


Hooklift trucks offer their owners a wide range of reasons to invest in one. They are incredibly versatile, and can easily manage many different jobs that previously required specialized vehicles that are operated by drivers who are trained and certified specifically for that type of truck. They are great in small spaces, they offer their owners the ability to provide a range of services to their clients that their competitors can’t and they simply a great value for the dollar. When you buy a hooklift truck you purchase a truck chassis, outfit it with a hydraulic hooklift, and then purchase as many truck bodies as you need. It is as simple as that.


You can buy a waste disposal dumpster for hauling waste to a recycling depot, or excavation work, or you can outfit it with a tanker, use it as an electrical repair vehicle, haul box containers or mobile offices for job sites. Really, the choices are almost limitless and you can use the same vehicle every day of the week for vastly different applications.


Now that you are sold, and ready to order one of your own, here are a few things on your shopping list you will want to consider before you place your order:


  • What hook height will you need? You can choose from 36”, 54” and 62” hooklift heights and even dual-height hooks. They range in price, so do your research before ordering.
  • If this is your first truck, you probably don’t want a dual height hook. The reason being is that you will be purchasing your equipment to match the hook height, and not the other way around. Therefore it is an unnecessary expense when you are getting started.
  • Which size do you need? Well, that’s a bit like the story of the three bears and the porridge. You will most likely find that a 36” is too small and restrictive at first, and the 62” is too big for most applications. Therefore, it is best to start with a 54” hook for its versatility, and you can always upsize to a 62” if your requirements change.



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