Refund Policy

Same day booked orders will be subject to a 15% non-refundable cancellation fee. Pre-booked orders before the invoiced delivery date are 100% Refundable.

Dry Run

Under any circumstances, if one of our drivers at Clean Er Up Bin Rentals has been denied access to one of our bins for any reason (Parked Car, Too Heavy, Customer pick-up time being denied at time of confirmed pick-up, Snow or Ice etc…) the customer/s will be charged $150+tax.

Fill Line

Under any circumstances shall the customer/s have any garbage of any amount sticking out of the bin past the FILL LINE will be subject to a $200+tax Fill Line Fee

Mixed Clean Fill

Under any circumstances shall the customer/s order a Clean Fill bin and choose to mix debris or any other earthly debris, the Clean Fill bin will be charged per US Ton at $120+HST

Hazardous Material/Spill

Under any circumstances shall a customer put in any hazardous material, spills, that involves our bins being damaged, marked, or changed in anyway prior to delivery, the customer/s shall be charged $450+HST and our bin will be sent to a 3rd party for Professional Cleaning/Repair Work where needed

Move Bin

If a customer needs the bin to be moved around to a different side of the property, driveway or any other place on the designated shipping address, a $150+HST fee will be applied to the credit card on file.