Spring Cleaning? Our Dumpster Bins Are Here To Help

For most homeowners in Southern Ontario, the New Year begins on January 1st at 12:01 a.m. However, for many people the new year really begins with a beautiful deep spring cleaning of their home.

Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh your home and really begin the year off right. It invigorates us and in many ways we fall in love with our home all over again when we clean it from top to bottom, and declutter all of our old and unwanted stuff.

When you are spring cleaning your home, you are going to have a lot of material to be removed. If you have ever done a spring clean out before, you know exactly what we mean. Our stuff adds up quickly, and we never really think about it when it is in our garages, basements and spare rooms, but when it is being removed we are always amazed at home much “stuff” we really have. All of that stuff means you are going to need a dumpster bin, which is probably why you are here on Clean Er Up and reading this blog.

Before you get started tearing into your project, you will want to know a few things about what sized dumpster bin you will want to hire, and what you can and cannot throw out.

For example, here are some of the common household items you can dispose of safely into one of our dumpster bins:

Furniture: Beds, couches, chairs and dressers
Appliances: Fridges, dryers and dishwashers
Yard Material: Trees, branches and brush
Renovation Material: Drywall, tiles and patio materials

You may not use any dumpster bin to remove any form of hazardous waste such as medical waste, chemicals (like old half full cans of paint, solvents, oils etc) batteries or heavy metals. For those materials you will have to find a local drop off depot near you. Thankfully in Southern Ontario there are plenty to choose from.


Before you begin your spring cleaning project, you would be advised to make a list of everything you are throwing out. You can write it all down, or even put a piece of coloured tape on everything you are planning on removing. Once you have it all inventoried you need to decide on what size Clean Er Up bin you need to order.

If you are simply cleaning out your shed, and maybe a small room like a home office then you can probably get away with a smaller bin like our 4 or 10 yard bins. However if you are going big and doing the whole house then you will want to order our 16 or 20 yard sized bin. You can probably expect us to remove several truckloads of material for a full sized clean out, but it depends on how much material we are removing, and the size of the content. We suggest contacting us with the details of your project and we will be able to give you our best solution for your project and provide you with scheduled delivery and pick up times that are most convenient for you.

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