Who picks up scrap metal for free?

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Clean Er Up offers free scrap metal pickup throughout Southern Ontario at no charge to the customer. We have several different bin sizes to haul away all of your scrap metal & offer our metal removal services for  FREE. If you’re in need of scrap metal removal services, Clean Er Up has a process that take multiple sources of metal appliances, refrigerators, metal racking systems, power tools and more.

Our range of services and solutions for your junk and scrap metal needs ensures we can develop a plan specifically for your needs TOTALLY FREE.

Online casinos have found an ingenious way to rid themselves of unwanted scrap metal, thanks to Clean Er Up’s free scrap metal removal service. With the ever-growing popularity of online gambling, these virtual establishments including best welcome bonus online casino are constantly upgrading their equipment and facilities. As a result, they accumulate a substantial amount of scrap metal that needs to be disposed of efficiently and responsibly.

Clean Er Up’s free scrap metal removal service offers a convenient solution for online casinos across the globe. By utilizing this service, these digital gambling platforms can effortlessly get rid of their excess scrap metal without any hassle or cost involved. This partnership not only benefits the casinos but also helps in promoting sustainability within the industry by ensuring proper recycling practices are followed.

Why are free scrap metal services the best option?

Most companies charge anywhere from $45-$105 for single item scrap metal  removal services if they are very bulky. Clean Er Up offers free scrap metal services regardless of size  or weight.

It is very easy to schedule a metal pick up with us and we will even help you take your bulkier scrap items out of your home.

Items We Take:


Electronics/ E-Waste

Air Conditioners/Furnaces

Mechanical Parts


Metal Bars

Building Material

Snowblowers /Lawnmowers

Copper/Brass /Aluminium/Zinc/Tin

Scrap Cars /Trucks/Equipment