Putting In A Pool In 2021

Remember growing up, and there was a family in the neighborhood, or some relatives who had a pool? Their house was like a magnet for entertainment. Of course the kids loved it because they could swim and goof around, and the adults had a great time with all summer long bbq parties and plenty of cold drinks. Even the dog loved it and would get in on the action. Backyard pools are great, and here in Southern Ontario, where we love our few months of warm weather, backyard pools become the epicentre or our lives.

If you are planning on putting in a pool this year, you can expect more than a good time entertaining family and friends. Pools have very real benefits that homeowners enjoy all summer long.

Notably, a pool increases the value of your home, which is always a good thing. Additionally, you can create a really stunning pool that can be more than a simple hole in the ground, but is a part of the architectural landscaping design of your home.

Along with your swimming pool, you could include:

Water features
A fire pit
High-quality fencing
A modern deck or patio
Exterior lighting
A gazebo, pergola or cabana

It also has amazing health benefits because you get outside and ditch the electronics. Swimming is one of the best exercises and starting with a couple laps per day, while slowly increasing over time is a great way to manage weight, and enjoy overall better health. It may also inspire you to take up other exercise activities like yoga, riding a bike or hitting the weights.

Once you have hired your pool contractor, be sure to book your roll-off disposal dumpster bin in advance. You are going to need a large one, like a 20 yard bin because you will have actual tons of soil, stones and material to be removed. All of that debris can’t simply be dumped anywhere and will need to be taken to a waste management recycling centre and disposed of according to the law, so have your disposal bin plans in place before the guys and the Bobcat show up.

Pool installation doesn’t take all that long, and within a few days your family will be outside, away from the social media and enjoying the outside all summer long so have your plans together and get started. Summer is over in a blink of an eye and after the pandemic, we are going to all need some pool time this year.

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