Springtime is landscaping time here in Ancaster, Ontario, and homeowners all across the region are currently planning their spring landscaping project.

Let’s begin by saying that “landscaping project” is a very broad term that can mean many things. It can mean putting on a new deck, or tearing out an old one and replacing it, or putting in a pool, creating stone or concrete outdoor architecture, digging new gardens, re-sodding your lawn or even trench excavations. You could probably even include repaving your driveway on that list.

While all of these projects may vary in size and scope, we can tell you from years of experience that every landscape project means an absolutely huge amount of dirt, rocks, stones, concrete and other debris to be removed. We cannot stress enough how much dirt we will have to haul away for something like putting in a new pool.

For example, consider the measurements of your new pool, then consider that it will be anywhere from 10ft-18ft deep. Now think about all of that soil, bedrock and loose debris in your living room. It won’t fit. In fact, it probably won’t fit in your entire main floor.

Since you simply cannot take that amount of dirt and dispose of it on your property like Andy Dufresne spreading around some concrete wall in The Shawshank Redemption, you are going to need our largest 20 yard dumpster bin, and you can probably expect us to haul away roughly 6 truckloads of soil.

The same can be said about a smaller project like creating a new garden and re-sodding your lawn. These are very common spring landscaping projects that create a massive amount of dirt and debris to be removed. To once again use the living room analogy, think of your entire lawn in your living room. It won’t fit, so again, you will want our 20 yard dumpster bin and can expect at least 4 truckloads to be removed.

We offer these examples as a helpful guide so you know what to expect when you hire us to provide a dumpster bin for your next project.

Landscaping projects are very common among homeowners in Ancaster, Ontario, but they aren’t something we tend to do every year, so they aren’t something we are immediately familiar with and the logistics involved with them.

A successful project is one that is carried out as seamlessly as possible and on budget. If you are tearing down an old, worn out deck and replacing it, you will have many moving parts to consider. You will have workers doing their jobs, materials being delivered, people coming and going and of course, a lot of material and debris to be removed.

We suggest that if you are planning a landscaping project this spring, that you get in contact with us and tell us the details. That way we can offer you our very best advice on what size bin you will require, how many truckloads you can expect and have a better idea of the cost and scheduling of your deliveries and pickups. This will help make for an easier and seamless project that will help keep you on time and on budget.

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