Garbage Bin Rentals in Burlington, ON

It’s not every day that you need to rent a garbage bin. In fact, many people will never rent one in their entire lives. But when you need one, you need one, and we are proud to say that Clean Er Up Bin Rentals is here when you need us for whatever job you want to throw at us. With same-day delivery, you can be sure that you’ll get your garbage bin in Burlington, Ontario, right when the need arises.

A Bin for All Projects in Burlington, ON

There are many reasons that people need large garbage bins. Our mini-rolloffs, which come in six sizes (4 yard, 10 yard, 16 yard, and 20 yard), (14 yard heavy duty, 40 yard heavy duty) are heavy-duty and sturdy enough for as much waste as you can throw out.

Whether you’re renovating a house and doing extensive demolition that will all need to be hauled away, or whether you’re cleaning up an unkempt yard and need to cut down a few trees and dig out some stumps, these lugger bins will hold whatever you can throw at them. Our customers use them when cleaning out old houses, when tearing off a roof, when ripping up a lawn, and sometimes when they simply need to empty a particularly messy garage that’s gotten out of control.

Anywhere in Burlington, Ontario, where you need to haul something to the dump and don’t know how to do it, just call us. You’ll just have to load the garbage bin, which we’ll drop off in your driveway or yard, and then you fill it as high and deep as you’d like, and we’ll haul it away. You never have to go to the dump yourself, and you never have to worry about transporting a big unwieldy rental truck. We take all the hard work on ourselves, and you just have to worry about the job at hand.

How Are the Garbage Bins Priced?

The garbage bins are priced based on size and the number of days that they’re at your property. There are also fees associated with overloading the bin in terms of weight called a disposal fee.

Yard and Driveway Protection, and Clean Up

Don’t worry about our garbage bins messing up and damaging your property. When we come to drop off the bin, we don’t merely drop it onto the driveway: we properly protect the driveway with lumber so that the heavy bin will not dig into the cement or asphalt. Our bins move on that lumber on rollers so that there is never a sharp point digging into your drive. We clean up the lumber, take the bin, and we’re on our way, leaving you with a newly emptied house or yard.

The bins are taken to Recycle City,( which is a transfer station dump) in Hamilton, Ontario, and from there they sort through everything in the bin to dispose, recycle, scrap metal or mulch the wooden contents.

You can trust Clean Er Up Environmental as the best dumpster rental company in Burlington, Ontario for all of your small and large demolition projects.

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