Garbage Bin Rentals in Brantford


Clean Er Up dumpster bin rental is the premier service for homeowners planning a home renovation or construction project in Brantford Ontario and the surrounding area.

We make sure that you have the resources you need for whatever clean up you’re doing, be it yard waste or home demolition or cleaning out a house before a move. We have four bin sizes to make it simple to get plenty of room, customized for your job.

Clean Er Up makes your next project easy, with our goal to make it as simple as possible: you shouldn’t even have to think about it. You order it, it shows up, you load it, we haul it away. There shouldn’t be anything more to it than that. 

Brantford, ON Dumpster Sizes Available

When you order one of our bins, our expert staff are able to make an accurate assessment of your job size, based on the information that you provide about the job, to make sure that you get exactly the right size of bin that you need to take care of whatever project you are dealing with.

Our bins are 4 yards to 40 yards, accommodating a small project like pulling down a small tree, to big projects like gutting an entire house. Talk to us about what the project is and we have the experience and know-how to make sure that you get the perfectly sized bin for your project, every time.

Brantford, ON Dumpster Rentals – Clear the Clutter

Whether you’re renovating or cleaning or preparing for a move, there’s nothing as handy as a Clean Er Up Bin to toss all the extra debris and detritus that have collected in your house. Perhaps you’re cleaning out the family home after your parents have passed away and you need to get rid of everything that isn’t a keepsake. Maybe you’re getting ready to move. You realize that you’ve just collected so many things over the years. Things that you really don’t want to haul to your newer (possibly smaller) home. Or, maybe you’ve finally decided to tackle that attic that hasn’t seen love and attention in decades. That’s the time to clear the clutter with a Clean Er Up Bin service in Brantford.

Bin Rentals For Home Renovation

Home renovation projects create a lot of mess as you strip roofs, smash down drywall, tear up carpet, and hammer tile into pieces. Why worry about loading all of this trash into the back of your pickup truck (or compact car) and taking load after painful load to the dump. Do it all in one fell swoop and we’ll haul it away to the landfill for you.

Bin Rentals For New Construction

New construction projects, anything from building from scratch to doing major renovations on the roof or garage, to adding another room on the back, you’re going to need a place for all of the garbage. Every project like this has garbage, and our Clean Er Up Bins in Brantford can accommodate any rough work.

Bin Rentals For Yard Projects

Yard work needs a Clean Er Up bin too. Whether you’re putting in a deck, laying paving stones, tearing up large sections of sod, or tearing down trees and pulling up stumps. When a yard is in need of extra care, especially if it overrun or is undergoing major renovations, get a Clean Er Up Bin to take care of the mess. 

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With the convenience of online ordering (as well as phone orders), Clean Er Up Bin Rentals is the best place to order a garbage bin rental in Brantford today. Call us or book online now.