Spring and summer in Southern Ontario mean one thing: Construction season, and since the pandemic nightmare is now finally coming to an end, there are going to be more projects than ever during the next few years.


Many towns and cities in Southern Ontario are densely populated and as a result, when a new building or infrastructure project needs to be built, it frequently means that an existing structure needs to be demolished. For example, there may be an aging strip mall in a community that no longer attracts renters because the building is old and falling apart, so it makes their business look bad. That means that it is time to tear it down, and build a modern replacement which will attract higher paying renters. Out with the old, in with the new.


Demolishing a building or structure in Hamilton, Ontario is a fairly straightforward job, and there are 4 common methods to take a building down quickly so the area can be cleaned up and new work can begin. Admittedly, a couple of these methods are for larger buildings and structures, but they are the most popular, so here we go.


Blow It Up:


We have all seen those cool shows where an old Vegas hotel is due to be demolished and replaced, so the natural answer is to demolish it with a controlled implosion that destroys the building’s primary vertical supports, causing the building to collapse onto itself from the inside out. This might be a little over the top if you are simply planning on getting rid of an old shed, or garage, but it sure would be fun. Even if all of your neighbors call you a crazy hillbilly when you’re done.


High Reach Arm:


A high reach arm can reach up to 66 ft, and when it is fitted to an excavator with a demolition tool like cutting shears or jackhammer, it can make short work of concrete, brick and steel structures. Clean Er Up Demolition has all of the proper equipment to help make your residential & commercial demolition projects run smoothly.


A Wrecking Ball:


No, it’s not just a Miley Cyrus song. It is that huge 13,500 pound ball that is suspended on a cable from a crane or other heavy equipment. The ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure, simply crushing the building with repeated blows, not unlike a bad relationship.


Selective Or Strip-Out Demolition:


This is a popular method of demolition because it is a green solution that allows a team to strip a building and recycle as much of the interior as possible. Copper wire for example is completely stripped and recycled. It helps keep the cost of the project down, and much of the material that is removed can be reused.


As with all demolition projects, you will need a roll-off disposal dumpster bin, and since it is going to be a big job regardless of the size of the structure, be sure to order one or more of the largest bins available.

Types of Services That We Offer:


  1.  House Demolition

  2. Commercial Demolition

  3. Site Remediation

  4. Concrete Removal

  5. Asphalt Removal

  6. Pool Excavation

  7. Soil Removal

  8. Environmental

  9. Interior Demolition

  10. Asbestos Removal

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