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Tips for Properly Loading A Dumpster

Having the right garbage disposal plan for your project is a huge factor to consider, and should not be an afterthought. You want a service that will provide the assistance you need, such as choosing a dumpster size that meets your specific needs and makes you aware of its safe disposal methods. Plus, you want to achieve these things while also not having to spend a ton of money.

Whether your project is home improvement, landscaping, or some other project entirely, there are factors that cannot be overlooked, which is why you want the right service on your side from the get go. While garbage (or discarded items) might just seem like junk to be rid of, different materials require different disposal methods or care. But, with the right disposal partner, you won’t have to worry about the details. 

However, details matter when it comes to getting the most out of loading your dumpster. At first thought, you might consider that all materials simply get tossed in the dumpster and then it is out of your hands. However, there are proper ways to load a dumpster! To get the biggest bang for your buck, read on.

Some of these ways are for efficiency, while others are for safety, but none should be ignored. Check out these easy-to-follow tips for properly loading your dumpster.

Fitting The Most Into the Dumpster Efficiently 

Before you start tossing things in the dumpster, consider the space it holds. Like any open container, there is a way to load it up so that it holds items more efficiently and it pays to make sure you have some dumpster loading tips in your back pocket! 

  • Load bulky items first. Larger pieces, such as furniture, should be scattered evenly on the bottom. It is always easier to fit smaller pieces in and around the larger ones than the other way around. 
  • Break down items when possible. And this doesn’t only mean cardboard boxes (if you are not in a place where recycling is an option). Even if this breaking down requires a bit of extra effort, it will be easier to maximize the space and fit the most into the dumpster. Wooden planks, for example, can be cut down to smaller sizes with a saw if breaking them is not an option. 
  • Large pieces of garbage can create awkward gaps that can make loading up a dumpster more difficult than it needs to be. A good idea is to constantly look at the level and placement of the garbage in your dumpster during the process. Fill in gaps when possible to make sure your packing is evenly distributed and even.

Safety Tips When Loading a Dumpster

As with anything pertaining to your project, you need to make sure the dumpster is being loaded safely. This is not only for your sake, and for those who are loading the dumpster or working around it during the project, but also for those who are responsible for hauling away and emptying it afterward. 

  • People tend to overload dumpsters, which is a common mistake that can be dangerous for a handful of reasons. The dumpster level is set to its height for a reason, and going over this height can be hazardous. For example, if the materials are too high, they can come loose and fly out during transportation. This debris can be problematic and even harmful to others. 
  • The best way to load your dumpster is through the open door as opposed to throwing all the pieces over the edge. You will get to that point as the process goes on, but there is no reason to start this way. This can ease the strain on you or others loading the dumpster, as well as prevent items from breaking and creating more sharp and hazardous pieces than need be.

Empty dumpster in driveway waiting to be filled

Partner with the Professionals

Choosing the right partner to eliminate the waste from your project is not the same as taking out the kitchen trash.

You need a partner you can trust, who can help you find the right disposal method for your particular project, the right size of dumpster you need and who will be there for you when you need as the project goes on.

Contact the professionals at Clean Er Up and order your dumpster online today.

4 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for a Dumpster Delivery

Congratulations! You’ve finally made a date for your dumpster delivery and are eagerly awaiting your drop-off date. While getting a new dumpster can be a benefit in many ways, there are some steps you need to take before your delivery date to ensure a seamless experience.

Haven’t secured your dumpster rental yet? Check out our 5 Reasons You Should Rent a Bin!

What to Know Before Your Dumpster Delivery

Setting up before your dumpster delivery date will help make the delivery process easier for everyone.

Here are the top four things you should know before your dumpster delivery.

  1. Know Your Dumpster Delivery Date

    The most important step in preparing for your dumpster delivery is to know your delivery date!

    When you order your dumpster with Clean Er Up you will be provided with a specific delivery window when you can expect your dumpster.

    Mark this date on your calendar and ensure you will be home and ready to go when your dumpster rental arrives.

  2. Know Where Your Dumpster Will Go

    The next step is all about figuring out the best place to set up your dumpster.

    Generally, a flat hard surface is the best place to put your dumpster rental. If you have a concrete driveway or parking lot, we suggest choosing that space. Asphalt surfaces or places with hard-packed dirt are also good options.

    If you do not have a hard surface available for your dumpster rental, please contact us directly so that the proper preparations can be made.

  3. Remove Obstructions to Prevent Property Damage

    The best way to avoid damaging your property, or the dumpster delivery truck, is to make sure the area where the dumpster will sit is free of all debris and obstructions.

    As well, make sure there is ample room for the dumpster delivery truck to drop off your rental. If the truck has to manoeuvre into a tight space it increases the risk of damage to your property.

    Placing plywood boards beneath your dumpster rental can help reduce the risk of damage to asphalt or concrete.

    Normally, our trucks will show up with a roll-off container to help move the dumpster. Please note that these containers need a bit of extra room so give a wide buffer on any space made.

  4. Know What Can and Can’t Go Inside Your Dumpster

    Understanding what items can and cannot go inside your dumpster rental is a crucial part of your preparation process.

    Certain items such as paint can cause damage to your property and our bins. Similarly, combustible materials such as propane tanks, solvents, and flammable liquids are also banned from entering your dumpster rental.

    For more information, check out our blog on What Can Go Inside of a Disposal Bin Rental?

    You can learn more about hazardous waste types through the Ontario waste management services.

Secure Your Dumpster Delivery Today

Once your dumpster rental is delivered, be cautious when loading large amounts of concrete, shingles, dirt and other such home improvement debris into the dumpster.

Always keep the designated weight limit of your dumpster in mind when loading materials.

Looking for a dumpster rental in Hamilton? Check out our pricing list and learn about the different dumpster sizes and dimensions we offer.

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The Best Bin Rentals For Large Property Cleanouts

Southern Ontario is a unique place because within 100 mile radius, you can experience just about every style of living. You can go from living in a dense heavily populated city in Toronto, to suburban living in Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and the surrounding region, to smaller more intimate towns and even living on a farm. It is a great place filled with a diverse population that enjoys everything from condo living, to settling into life on a horse farm.

One of the benefits of living on a large property like a farm, or larger piece of land is that you can simply enjoy your outdoors. You can create it in any way you choose, and since you are far away from your neighbors, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home.

Now that more and more people are able to work from home, living outside of a city makes even more sense. Your home buying dollar goes further, and you get to spend spring, summer and fall on your large piece of property and enjoy nature. You can even build on it and create a completely detached home office, so when you need some privacy from the main house, you can retreat to an office and focus on your work.

One of the downsides of large properties is that over the years they become magnets of unwanted stuff. If you take a walk around any farm house or large property you will find endless amounts of stuff just laying around against fences or in fields. It can be anything too from old bicycle frames, broken equipment, long forgotten about pieces of fencing and leftover material from renovation projects. It is everywhere and unfortunately it is not only an eyesore, it impacts the value of your home.

Getting rid of all of these bits of stuff and debris is a great way to give your outdoors a spring cleaning.

Depending on how much unwanted junk you have on your property, you will probably need at least a weekend or two to get rid of it all. You will also need two more things. A few good friends to help you out that are willing to work for bbq and some cold pops, and a roll-off disposal dumpster bin.

Your stuff has to be taken to a local recycling centre and disposed of safely and according to the law. That means it all has to go into a dumpster and safely be removed. You can choose from 4 different sizes of roll-off bins, and have it placed on your property in a location that is central to where you are working. Then when it is full, it can be hauled away and returned if needed for another load.

Once everything is removed from your property you will now be able to enjoy it clean and free of rusty unwanted junk and enjoy a nice increase in your property value. It’s a great way to start the summer with a fresh start and look.

Ordering A Dumpster Bin During Bad Weather

Here in Southern Ontario, we have been experiencing some rather unpredictable summer weather over the last few years. The weather patterns are changing, and this has resulted in sudden storms, or high winds that seem to come out of nowhere and tear our property apart. They blow down trees, tear off roofs and scatter debris all over our property which then knocks out our power and generally causes us a few days of chaos, and some insurance headaches.

These weather events can be anywhere between a clean up hassle, to a huge life event. Very frequently they can knock a tree down which then ends up falling into a person’s dining room, or tearing a roof to sheds, all within a few minutes.

If your property has been hit by strong weather, and you have to have repairs done you are going to need to immediately order a roll-off disposal dumpster bin.

The clean up process has to start right away, so crews can get onto your property and begin repairs. For example, if your roof has been partially torn off, and you have tree branches and other debris all over your property, you will need to clean out an area for them to get their vehicles and workers in so they can tear off your old broken roof and replace it. All of this has to happen quickly and efficiently so having your dumpster bin already on site when they arrive will save you a lot of time and money. This way they can simply dispose of all of the broken debris quickly and get to work on the new roof.

Your bin can then be removed quickly and taken to a local waste management recycling station where it is emptied and returned quickly so it can be filled with another load. This will allow your workers the ability to do their jobs with almost no disruption to their job, and your home will return to normal as soon as possible.

These new weather patterns are becoming more frequent, and commonplace, so make sure you have an emergency plan in place, including phone numbers and contact information for crews so if your property is hit, you won’t have to wait days or more to have repairs done.

Community Cleanups In Southern Ontario

We love this.

Many communities in Southern Ontario have come together over the last few years and started participating in community cleanups.

A community cleanup is essentially what it sounds like and you think it is. Basically in many towns and cities, local communities organize a day or weekend to get together and clean up their parks, streets, wildlife areas, rivers, schools and apartments. It is a lot like a block party, but with tools, rakes, brooms and garbage bags. It’s a great way for neighbors to get together, and even meet each other with the common goal of spending a few hours tidying up their communities. For example, maybe the local park needs a lot of work. Some bratty kids have painted graffiti on the playground, there is trash and debris everywhere, many of the trees have dangerously overhanging branches that need to be removed, and the landscaping needs some attention.

So the neighbors put a plan together on their local Facebook group, everyone brings their tools, a few people set up some coolers and a BBQ area and then after a few hours, the park looks great and everyone has a good time. It’s an amazing way to spend a spring or summer day, and give a little back to your neighborhood.

If you are planning something similar, you are going to need a roll-off disposal dumpster bin to haul all of the unwanted material and debris away. We have 4 different bins that you can choose from and order one or more online to be delivered at a scheduled time. We will then deliver it and place it on any hard flat surface on our custom made wooden planks. Then when it is full, we will haul it away to a local waste management recycling centre so everything can be disposed of according to the law. We will return the bin quickly, and you can refill it with another load.

When your neighborhood cleanup is done, and it is time for some BBQ and a few cold pops, your block will look great and you can probably expect a bit of a bump in your property value as well, and that’s something we can all come together and enjoy.

Cleaning Up All Of Your Organic Waste

Spring and summer in Southern Ontario are the perfect time to tackle that landscaping project and give your property a makeover. It will not only make your home more appealing, but it also increases the value of your home. Additionally, since we spend half our lives inside during the winter, we tend to move ourselves outside as much as possible during the warm months, so cleaning up your landscaping, maybe planting a new garden and fixing up your patio or deck is a great way to spend this season’s fixer up time.

Let’s say that you really don’t have a single project to tackle, but several small to medium sized ideas. For example, you have an old tree and some of those branches are dangerously hanging low near a fence and they need to come down. You may have a large hedge that needs pruning, the gardens need resoiling and planting, or maybe you’re even planning on growing some fresh veggies so you’re digging up a new garden. Plus the deck needs a new rail, and you want to replace the gutter on the house.

All of these are great, quick and easy ways to freshen up your property, and won’t cost a big load of cash.

When you decide to roll up your sleeves and tackle the backyard this year, you will want to rent a roll-off disposal dumpster. You may not think you will have much material to dispose of, but all of those projects add up quickly, and they create a massive amount of debris and unwanted material that has to be disposed of safely, and according to local and municipal laws.

You can order one of our roll-off disposal dumpster bins online, and we will deliver it to your home, and place it on any hard, flat surface on our custom made wooden planks, so it won’t leave a permanent mark. Then once it is filled, we will haul it to a local waste management recycling centre and return it if you still have more material that needs to go.

Then once the projects are all done, all you have to do is invite some family or friends over, fire up the BBQ and enjoy the rest of your summer.

The 3 Most Common Mistakes When Booking A Dumpster

Spring and summer here in Southern Ontario mean it is that time of year when homeowners who have been planning their projects all winter long, are finally able to get at it and tackle their jobs.

Every season when the weather gets warm, the birds begin to chirp and the hammers start to fly. Homeowners tackle every manner of project from indoor home renovations, small and large scale cleanouts, landscaping projects, building additions, putting in a new pool, patio or deck, replacing an old roof, fence or driveway and even tearing down that old shed and decluttering their property. All of these projects are great because it increases value to their homes, and it invigorates us so when they are done, we can spend the summer entertaining family and friends on our new deck with our new pool.

When you begin planning your next project, you probably already know that you are going to need to rent one of our roll-off disposal dumpster bins. We make it easy for you to choose from our 4 dumpster bin sizes, and order online. Since many people are ordering a disposal dumpster for the first time, we figured we would share three common mistakes and tips that many people make the first time they rent a disposal bin.

1) Don’t Go Too Small

Many people underestimate how much unwanted material they will have. For example, a person might think that a simple bathroom renovation is a simple task and won’t create a lot of debris. In reality there is a ton of material that will end up in the disposal bin, and that might mean extra truckloads, so pick a larger size bin because you will probably need it.

2) Where To Place It When It Arrives

We can place your disposal dumpster anywhere on a hard and flat surface. We will put it on our custom made wooden planks, so it never leaves a lasting impression on your property. Many people think we can drop it anywhere, like on a soggy lawn that is still thawing out from the winter, and you don’t want that. Pick a spot in advance that will be convenient for your workers and so our truck can drop it off easily and without having any obstructions in the way.

3) No Hazardous Material

We do not handle hazardous material, period. If you have any, you will have to take it to a waste management recycling centre and they will safely dispose of it for you. Something considered as a hazardous material will be any of the following:

Household cleaning chemicals
Old Paint
Fluorescent light bulbs
Propane tanks etc.
Once your bin has arrived, and your project is underway you will be able to call us or schedule a pickup and we will return the empty bin as soon as possible so your workers will have little downtime, and your project will run smoothly and on time.

How To Dispose Of Unwanted Yard Sale Items

Everyone loves a good yard sale.

That is a simple and undeniable truth here in Southern Ontario because the weather is perfect for a day of travelling around from sale to sale looking for some bargain treasures, and it is also a perfect time to drag all of your unwanted stuff out of the basement and garage, and set it up on the lawn so people can haul away your stuff, and put a few bucks in your pocket at the same time. Yard sales are probably one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean out your home, and do some shopping.

Upcycling all of your unwanted stuff by hosting a yard sale means that you will probably have some, if not a lot of stuff left over with no takers. Sorry Aunt Polly, but nobody wanted that throw rug you gave us because honestly, it looks like something the dog coughed up. The same goes with the kiddie pool, the lay-z-boy from the 1970’s, those old snow tires, the wagon wheel card table, mother in laws commemorative figurine collection that she gives every year, the broken old washing machine and those boxes full of stuff that were left behind by the previous owners.

What this means is that at the end of the day (or weekend if you are having a huge yard sale) you have to get rid of what is left over. You can’t simply curb all of it and hope that the neighbors scavenge through it and take that ping pong table, and you can’t wait for the city to come take it away either, if they actually do take items of that size where you live. You will need to rent a roll-off disposal dumpster bin to take the rest of your stuff away.

Thankfully it is fairly simple, and you can easily order one online. Simply choose the size you want and we will bring it to your home at a time of your choosing. We can put it anywhere on a flat surface, and we will even place it on custom made wooden planks, so it doesn’t leave a mark. Then when it is full, we will take it to a local waste management recycling centre and legally get rid of the rest of your stuff.

By the end of the day you will have a completely cleaned out home, and a few bucks in your pocket which you can then spend next weekend at a……yardsale.

Concert and Festival Cleanups

This past year the pandemic put an abrupt halt to one of our favorite ways to get together every year in Southern Ontario. Festival season, and it sucked.

We love our festivals, and we will have one for just about anything. Rib Fests, BBQ Fests, Blues Festivals, Wine, Film, Garden, Agricultural, Sports, Theatre, Food, Drink, Music, Street, Busker, Dogs, Farmers and even a Butter Tart Festival. Yes we know we are missing several more, but you get the idea.

The point is, we love festivals. Spring and summer without them last year seemed empty because we missed getting together with our friends and neighbors in our cities and towns, and hanging out together while doing something we enjoy together. It could be a shared love of food and wine, or film, or the Shakespere festival. Even our local street festivals are great and we look forward to them every year.

Thankfully now that the pandemic is being contained, towns are lifting their restrictions and some festivals are back on this year. Many people are already planning their festival and getting their vendors sorted out for the next big event.

If you are planning a festival this year, don’t forget to order your roll-off disposal dumpster bins to handle all of your material this year. You can order with us online and choose from 4 sizes of dumpster bins. You will probably need more than one, and we will be able to deliver them at a scheduled time, and place them anywhere on a hard flat surface. Your clean up crew will be able to keep the festival moving and bring everything conveniently to the disposal bins, and when they are full we will remove them and take everything to a local waste management recycling station and return it quickly for another load.

We truly hope at least some festivals happen this season, because we need to get back to normal as soon as possible. We miss all of you good people, and can’t wait to see everyone this summer.

Tips For Removing Concrete In 2021

Spring and summer in Southern Ontario are prime construction and home renovation time, and now that the pandemic is finally being wiped away into the history books, more businesses and homeowners are getting geared up for their next project.

Winter with the pandemic was terrible, but it was handy for one thing: it was a great time to make plans, do our research and get everything in order for our next project, and now that the sun is out and the temperatures are rising, it’s time to get the toolbelt out and start swinging some hammers.

Many construction and home renovation projects mean that you’re going to have to break some stuff, and replace it. One of the things that is almost always on that list is concrete, and here are a few easy tips to help you bust it up and get rid of it easily and quickly.

Cover It Up:

If you have a concrete slab, like a patio, garage or basement floor that needs to be replaced, the best thing you can do to keep debris and dust to a minimum is simply cover it with a sturdy plastic sheet. You can use heavy objects like some bricks to hold it down, and then go at it with a sledge hammer. Most of the dust and debris will be contained, and then you can simply haul it out to your roll-off disposal dumpster.

Get A Power Wheelbarrow:

Speaking of hauling, you are going to have to get all of that concrete to your dumpster (more on that later) and you can easily rent a power wheelbarrow to help get it done quickly and easily. A power wheelbarrow is exactly what you think it is. The bin tilts forward so you can easily load it, then raise it back up and steer it to your dumpster. It has a power drivetrain, so you don’t have to push it, simply guide it to the bin, dump everything and repeat.

Rent A Jackhammer:

It goes without saying that a jackhammer will make the job a lot easier than swinging a sledgehammer all day, and you can rent one easily enough with the power wheelbarrow. Plus who are we kidding? They’re cool and we wish we had one in our garage all the time. It is worth noting that when you rent yours, be sure to pay attention to the service rep when they show you how to operate it correctly. Jackhammers are great tools, but they can get away from you if you don’t use it correctly, so pay close attention and ask questions. Your feet will thank you.

Rent A Disposal Bin:

Actually, this should say rent the “correct” disposal bin, because concrete is heavy and you will want one with a lower profile to make dumping your concrete into it easier. Unless you have rented a Bobcat or something with some reach, you will need a lower profile if you are doing it by hand. Yes you will probably need more trips to the recycling centre, but it is preferable to be throwing large chunks into a bigger dumpster with high walls all day.

The proper disposal bin to rent when removing concrete would be a 4 Yard Dumpster unless you’re doing a big construction job, then at that point we recommend renting a 20 Yard Dumpster for all of your concrete removal needs.