Clean Er Up: Residential & Commercial Demolition

Spring and summer in Southern Ontario mean one thing: Construction season, and since the pandemic nightmare is now finally coming to an end, there are going to be more projects than ever during the next few years.


Many towns and cities in Southern Ontario are densely populated and as a result, when a new building or infrastructure project needs to be built, it frequently means that an existing structure needs to be demolished. For example, there may be an aging strip mall in a community that no longer attracts renters because the building is old and falling apart, so it makes their business look bad. That means that it is time to tear it down, and build a modern replacement which will attract higher paying renters. Out with the old, in with the new.


Demolishing a building or structure in Hamilton, Ontario is a fairly straightforward job, and there are 4 common methods to take a building down quickly so the area can be cleaned up and new work can begin. Admittedly, a couple of these methods are for larger buildings and structures, but they are the most popular, so here we go.


Blow It Up:


We have all seen those cool shows where an old Vegas hotel is due to be demolished and replaced, so the natural answer is to demolish it with a controlled implosion that destroys the building’s primary vertical supports, causing the building to collapse onto itself from the inside out. This might be a little over the top if you are simply planning on getting rid of an old shed, or garage, but it sure would be fun. Even if all of your neighbors call you a crazy hillbilly when you’re done.


High Reach Arm:


A high reach arm can reach up to 66 ft, and when it is fitted to an excavator with a demolition tool like cutting shears or jackhammer, it can make short work of concrete, brick and steel structures. Clean Er Up Demolition has all of the proper equipment to help make your residential & commercial demolition projects run smoothly.


A Wrecking Ball:


No, it’s not just a Miley Cyrus song. It is that huge 13,500 pound ball that is suspended on a cable from a crane or other heavy equipment. The ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure, simply crushing the building with repeated blows, not unlike a bad relationship.


Selective Or Strip-Out Demolition:


This is a popular method of demolition because it is a green solution that allows a team to strip a building and recycle as much of the interior as possible. Copper wire for example is completely stripped and recycled. It helps keep the cost of the project down, and much of the material that is removed can be reused.


As with all demolition projects, you will need a roll-off disposal dumpster bin, and since it is going to be a big job regardless of the size of the structure, be sure to order one or more of the largest bins available.

Types of Services That We Offer:


  1.  House Demolition

  2. Commercial Demolition

  3. Site Remediation

  4. Concrete Removal

  5. Asphalt Removal

  6. Pool Excavation

  7. Soil Removal

  8. Environmental

  9. Interior Demolition

  10. Asbestos Removal

Transfer station

Where Does All Of The Garbage Go To?

You eat food and throw away the wrapper, sneeze on a tissue and throw it away, tear off old roofs and then dispose of the roofing materials and at first you don’t think of it but then it hits you and you ask yourself, “Where does all of the garbage go to? Well you came to the right place to find that answer!

How Is Trash Collected In The First Place?

When it comes to construction projects, demolition and home renovations, temporary dumpster rentals are the right fit. There are 4 different types of temporary containers to help collect all of the disposal debris.

1. Lugger Bins

Lugger Bins are mainly used for demolition and scrap metal recycling services as it’s a lot easier to dispose the debris with an excavator or even with a bobcat skid steer. Lugger Bins are the least common out of the 4 and are rarely chosen.

 2. Hook Lift Bins

Hook Lift Bins are the most popular choice for house hold debris, gardening, roofing projects, and large home renovations. Clean Er Up Bin Rentals offers hook lift bins to customers throughout Southern Ontario and our trucks are able to get into alley ways where as other companies wouldn’t even dare! The best part about hook lift bins is the versatility that comes with them in the first place and they can be placed virtually anywhere on your property, even on slopes!

3. Roll Off Containers

Have you ever drove around and seen dumpsters at a city dump or even on construction site? Those are most likely going to be a roll off container due to the fact that they are mainly manufactured as 30 yard containers and 40 yard containers. The real benefits to roll off containers is that they can hold more weight in them due to the fact that on each truck that carries roll offs, has a cable attached to the truck which weighs way less. Roll off containers are used by the big boys in the waste management industry because they are the most popular for new development projects, huge demolition jobs and restaurant gut outs, which means more money for them!

4. Front Loading Dumpsters

There are several ways that trash is collected and it differs from industry to industry.  Shopping malls, restaurants, and fast food joints all have similar waste management dumpsters to help with the waste removal needs. These industries usually rely on Front Loading Dumpsters that you’ll find scattered throughout the premise in shopping malls or behind local restaurants/ fast food joints.On the inside of shopping malls mainly, you’ll find temporary garbage can rentals to which all the garbage is transported out in black garbage bags and placed inside of the front loading dumpster.

Where is the garbage taken to after disposal?

Most trash is picked up by several companies that have a contract with the city for certain areas in regards to trash collection. These types of services are scheduled weekly and vary depending on the weather conditions.


1. Transfer Stations

Waste transfer stations generate between 5000- 110,000 tons of waste every year and are responsible for making sure the cities waste collection is running smoothly. Transfer Stations offer considerable benefits for homeowners and waste collection owner/operators alike in regards to the time it takes for disposal compared with waiting for long line ups at the traditional landfills. The benefits include, shorter lineups, closer proximity to home, increased fuel savings, less traffic congested at landfills/roads, and reduced air pollution.

2. Recycling Centers

Yes that is correct, recycling centers play a huge roll in the economy of garbage collection. There are several facilities located near transfer stations that help with recycling products such as cardboard, plastics, wood and many more. Recycling Centers are a key success to keeping more garbage piling up at the landfills. The biggest recycling businesses located in major cities would be metal recycling as metal can recycled infinitely over and over again.

3. Landfill

“Where the garbage goes to die” ,eventually when all of the garbage has been sorted through, this is where the remainder of the garbage ends up. Landfills are the last process in the waste management industry with todays technology as we’re headed towards incinerators along with renewable energy. Eventually landfills will cease to exist in the near future but for now they are a holding place for everyone’s garbage. Throughout Canada there are 2400 active landfills with Keele Valley Landfill being the largest.



Open dumpster full of rubbish, not overflowing

Tips for Properly Loading A Dumpster

Having the right garbage disposal plan for your project is a huge factor to consider, and should not be an afterthought. You want a service that will provide the assistance you need, such as choosing a dumpster size that meets your specific needs and makes you aware of its safe disposal methods. Plus, you want to achieve these things while also not having to spend a ton of money.

Whether your project is home improvement, landscaping, or some other project entirely, there are factors that cannot be overlooked, which is why you want the right service on your side from the get go. While garbage (or discarded items) might just seem like junk to be rid of, different materials require different disposal methods or care. But, with the right disposal partner, you won’t have to worry about the details. 

However, details matter when it comes to getting the most out of loading your dumpster. At first thought, you might consider that all materials simply get tossed in the dumpster and then it is out of your hands. However, there are proper ways to load a dumpster! To get the biggest bang for your buck, read on.

Some of these ways are for efficiency, while others are for safety, but none should be ignored. Check out these easy-to-follow tips for properly loading your dumpster.

Fitting The Most Into the Dumpster Efficiently 

Before you start tossing things in the dumpster, consider the space it holds. Like any open container, there is a way to load it up so that it holds items more efficiently and it pays to make sure you have some dumpster loading tips in your back pocket! 

  • Load bulky items first. Larger pieces, such as furniture, should be scattered evenly on the bottom. It is always easier to fit smaller pieces in and around the larger ones than the other way around. 
  • Break down items when possible. And this doesn’t only mean cardboard boxes (if you are not in a place where recycling is an option). Even if this breaking down requires a bit of extra effort, it will be easier to maximize the space and fit the most into the dumpster. Wooden planks, for example, can be cut down to smaller sizes with a saw if breaking them is not an option. 
  • Large pieces of garbage can create awkward gaps that can make loading up a dumpster more difficult than it needs to be. A good idea is to constantly look at the level and placement of the garbage in your dumpster during the process. Fill in gaps when possible to make sure your packing is evenly distributed and even.

Safety Tips When Loading a Dumpster

As with anything pertaining to your project, you need to make sure the dumpster is being loaded safely. This is not only for your sake, and for those who are loading the dumpster or working around it during the project, but also for those who are responsible for hauling away and emptying it afterward. 

  • People tend to overload dumpsters, which is a common mistake that can be dangerous for a handful of reasons. The dumpster level is set to its height for a reason, and going over this height can be hazardous. For example, if the materials are too high, they can come loose and fly out during transportation. This debris can be problematic and even harmful to others. 
  • The best way to load your dumpster is through the open door as opposed to throwing all the pieces over the edge. You will get to that point as the process goes on, but there is no reason to start this way. This can ease the strain on you or others loading the dumpster, as well as prevent items from breaking and creating more sharp and hazardous pieces than need be.

Empty dumpster in driveway waiting to be filled

Partner with the Professionals

Choosing the right partner to eliminate the waste from your project is not the same as taking out the kitchen trash.

You need a partner you can trust, who can help you find the right disposal method for your particular project, the right size of dumpster you need and who will be there for you when you need as the project goes on.

Contact the professionals at Clean Er Up and order your dumpster online today.

Garbage bin for hire dumpster rental

Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Dumpster Company

Whether you’re clearing your attic or you’re planning a major home renovation, you need the right garbage bin for the job. How do you choose the right dumpster, though, and why should you hire a dumpster company in the first place? 

If you’re new to garbage bin rental, here’s why you need a reliable dumpster bin rental company in Ontario to help with your waste disposal needs.   

1. Local Area Knowledge

Garbage bin rental companies have the local knowledge and experience to help you choose the right dumpster for the job while minimizing the impact on your neighborhood and local community. At Clean Er Up Rentals, we help you keep disruption to a minimum.

2. Appropriate Dumpster Sizes

It’s vital you choose the right dumpster for your project. The best bin rental companies offer dumpsters in a range of sizes, whether you’re looking for a compact disposal unit or a larger bin for major renovation jobs. 

3. Safe Disposal Methods

Safe disposal is crucial when you’re renovating a property. A reliable dumpster bin rental company can advise you on everything from how to safely pack your dumpster to which materials require specialist disposal. So, if you’re new to garbage bin hire, a rental company can help you complete the job safely.

4. Extra Services

Dumpster rental isn’t just about keeping your driveway and yard clear from rubbish – although, this is a key benefit. It’s also about having the right support in place to get the job done right. 

A reliable dumpster rental company can advise you on all aspects of your waste disposal, from the tools you might need to the permits you should apply for. 

5. Efficient Customer Service 

When you’re looking for a dumpster, you need to know there’s someone on hand to help you with any questions you might have. Our team is available to help you all day, every day, so you’re never left feeling overwhelmed or unsupported when you hire our garbage bins.  

6. Clear Fee Structure

Whether you need a dumpster for a day or a month, a reliable dumpster company sets out hiring costs clearly so you know what you’re paying. 

At Clean Er Up Rentals, we believe in clear garbage bin rental prices which are easy to understand, so we offer straightforward dumpster hire fees for all our customers.  

Reliable Dumpster Rental Ontario | Clean Er Up Bin Rentals 

At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we know that choosing the right dumpster for your needs can seem overwhelming. For help selecting the perfect dumpster for your next project, or to find out more about our garbage bin rental costs, give us a call on (844) 958-5678 or leave a message. 

Rent a dumpster today and get your home renovation off to the best start!

Dumpster Rental Expectation vs. Reality

Dumpster Rental Expectation vs. Reality

Whether you’ve got a do-it-yourself (DIY) home renovation project on your hands or an eye toward a new patio, you’re probably wondering what you’re supposed to do with all the associated debris.

Maybe you’re considering hauling it all yourself, or maybe you’re considering renting a dumpster.

In this blog, we answer all of your biggest Ontario rental questions, as well as breaking down some common myths along the way.

Read on to learn about Ontario dumpster rental expectations vs. reality.

Do I Need a Dumpster for My Project?

Expectation: No! There’s no way my project can generate enough debris that I would need a dumpster. And if I do, my contractor will rent it for me.

Reality: We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you’re undertaking any sort of major renovation or construction project, you’re going to want to rent a dumpster.

Hauling your own debris is costly, timely, and exhausting. Ask your contractor if they would prefer that you rent a dumpster rather than relying on them to manage the process. You want your renovation project to be as seamless as possible, so supplying all of the tools your contractor needs can make the job that much easier for all parties involved.

Is Renting a Dumpster Insanely Expensive?

Expectation: Dumpsters are huge repositories found on construction sites and are reserved exclusively for professionals. There’s no way I can afford a dumpster for my small project.

Reality: Ontario dumpster rental isn’t expensive. Depending on size, you can score a three-day dumpster rental for as little as $290.

Speaking of size, here are some common measurements, uses, and associated pricing to help you determine which dumpster is right for your project.

4 Yard

Small but mighty, this dumpster is perfect for sand, concrete, soil, topsoil, sod, and rip-rap. Starting at $290 for a three-day rental, you can’t go wrong with this option.

10 Yard

Perfect for smaller renovation projects, this dumpster can haul debris from small roof replacement, small porch replacement, and many other projects. For $290 for three days, this dumpster is perfect for that room reno you’ve been dreaming of.

16 Yard

Perfect for your larger projects, this dumpster can handle large house cleanouts, as well as large roofing projects. Starting at just $350 for seven days, there’s no reason to put off that roof replacement any longer.

20 Yard

The biggest, baddest dumpster of them all is made to haul the most debris from any residential project or complete household cleanout. At just $400 for ten days, this big boy is a big deal.

Is Renting a Dumpster Complicated?

Expectation: Renting a dumpster is hard. I have to shop around, compare prices, and make sure I’ve found the right size for my project.

Reality: Dumpster rental in Ontario doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we believe in making our customers’ projects as simple as possible by providing them the tools they need to succeed. We’re so dedicated to this mission that we offer same day delivery, 100% driveway protection, and a thorough cleanup after every job.

In fact, all you need to do to start your Ontario dumpster rental is to fill out a simple online form.

Will renting a Dumpster ruin my driveway?

Expectation: I’ll have to deal with cracks in my driveway, as well as residual dirt and rust after the dumpster is hauled away!

Reality: We offload our dumpster neatly and efficiently, putting a board between your driveway and the dumpster. Our dumpsters are well maintained, meaning they won’t be an eyesore and you won’t have to worry about dirt or rust.

Heads up, in the summertime when the heat index increases it can cause asphalt to become softer than usual. That will sometimes result in indentations in your driveway. In the winter this isn’t an issue so keep that in mind! (This impacts asphalt only – concrete is immune!).

At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we are here to make sure you have the best experience possible when it comes to renting a dumpster in Ontario or surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding your dumpster rental don’t hesitate to reach out.

Start your dumpster rental today!

4 Things You Need to Know to Prepare for a Dumpster Delivery

Congratulations! You’ve finally made a date for your dumpster delivery and are eagerly awaiting your drop-off date. While getting a new dumpster can be a benefit in many ways, there are some steps you need to take before your delivery date to ensure a seamless experience.

Haven’t secured your dumpster rental yet? Check out our 5 Reasons You Should Rent a Bin!

What to Know Before Your Dumpster Delivery

Setting up before your dumpster delivery date will help make the delivery process easier for everyone.

Here are the top four things you should know before your dumpster delivery.

  1. Know Your Dumpster Delivery Date

    The most important step in preparing for your dumpster delivery is to know your delivery date!

    When you order your dumpster with Clean Er Up you will be provided with a specific delivery window when you can expect your dumpster.

    Mark this date on your calendar and ensure you will be home and ready to go when your dumpster rental arrives.

  2. Know Where Your Dumpster Will Go

    The next step is all about figuring out the best place to set up your dumpster.

    Generally, a flat hard surface is the best place to put your dumpster rental. If you have a concrete driveway or parking lot, we suggest choosing that space. Asphalt surfaces or places with hard-packed dirt are also good options.

    If you do not have a hard surface available for your dumpster rental, please contact us directly so that the proper preparations can be made.

  3. Remove Obstructions to Prevent Property Damage

    The best way to avoid damaging your property, or the dumpster delivery truck, is to make sure the area where the dumpster will sit is free of all debris and obstructions.

    As well, make sure there is ample room for the dumpster delivery truck to drop off your rental. If the truck has to manoeuvre into a tight space it increases the risk of damage to your property.

    Placing plywood boards beneath your dumpster rental can help reduce the risk of damage to asphalt or concrete.

    Normally, our trucks will show up with a roll-off container to help move the dumpster. Please note that these containers need a bit of extra room so give a wide buffer on any space made.

  4. Know What Can and Can’t Go Inside Your Dumpster

    Understanding what items can and cannot go inside your dumpster rental is a crucial part of your preparation process.

    Certain items such as paint can cause damage to your property and our bins. Similarly, combustible materials such as propane tanks, solvents, and flammable liquids are also banned from entering your dumpster rental.

    For more information, check out our blog on What Can Go Inside of a Disposal Bin Rental?

    You can learn more about hazardous waste types through the Ontario waste management services.

Secure Your Dumpster Delivery Today

Once your dumpster rental is delivered, be cautious when loading large amounts of concrete, shingles, dirt and other such home improvement debris into the dumpster.

Always keep the designated weight limit of your dumpster in mind when loading materials.

Looking for a dumpster rental in Hamilton? Check out our pricing list and learn about the different dumpster sizes and dimensions we offer.

Order a dumpster now!

Dumpster rental

Home Improvement Projects Where Dumpster Rentals Are Essential

Springtime in Canada means home improvement projects and cleaning time! It’s exciting, we know, but what about the pile of trash and clutter waiting? Don’t you think it can be a bit daunting? One foolproof lifesaver hack is to have a dumpster rental to handle the waste. 

You may be thinking, “Why do I have to spend money on trash?” Well, you spend time or money. It’s actually an investmentyou’ll save the time it would take you to haul your trash to the dump and it’ll help you facilitate your spring project. No matter what work you have planned for your home, a rental dumpster is a cost-efficient way to manage the waste you’ll produce from your long awaited project.

Whether it’s a total home renovation, or just to improve some part of your home, renting a dumpster that is delivered right to your driveway is an excellent solution to decluttering and discarding waste. If you’re in Hamilton, Canada, or surrounding areas, here are a few projects a bin rental could be beneficial for. 

That Room You’ve Been Wanting To Do a Complete Renovation Of

You’ve been talking about it, and it is finally time to take the first step toward renewing your old kitchen and turning it into a modern one. You’ve been dreaming about new appliances and maybe you want to change your tiles and get an upgraded shower in your bathroom. Whether it’s an improvement of your kitchen, bedroom, or even basement, prepare yourself as you’ll be greeted with an incredible amount of waste. 

Expect a fair amount of demolition debris resulting from improvements that need disassembling of old structures. You might need to tear down walls, discard fixtures, and change the flooring when refurbishing your home. While the bathroom will generate construction waste and fixtures for disposal, get ready for more debris out of a kitchen or complete home renovation. All you have to do is place it in our dumpster bin that you’ve rented and we’ll get rid of all the waste safely and conveniently. 

Backyard or Front Yard Deck Renovation

At some point, your old deck will call for reconstruction from wear and tear over time. Constructing a new deck is more expensive than restoring an outdated one, so you need to make a big decision between the two. Whatever you choose, scheduling a disposal bin rental will help you handle all that yard waste, nails, wood, and other construction debris. Maybe it’s time to add a pool too!?

Concrete Drive Repaving

Repaving your driveway for aesthetics and safety reasons is excellent, but masses of debris await. Worry not; hiring a bin rental guarantees quick and easy removal of renovation waste. Also, it keeps the construction area safe by taking care of debris and other hazardous waste. 


It’s a difficult task, but a reliable dumpster rental will handle all the wood, shingles, tiles, and other debris quickly and efficiently. For large roofs, you might need a 10 or 14-yard dumpster. Thus, save your time and energy for getting roofing elements right and let rental bins handle all the waste.

Regardless of the size and scope of your home improvement project, renting a bin allows you to focus on getting your activities done right. Once we deliver our retinal bin right off to your Hamilton home your worries about handling renovation waste and debris from your cleaning will be eliminated. Restoration, landscaping, or construction project by renting a dumpster. To order a dumpster rental online with us, click here and let the professionals bring it to you!

5 Reasons To Rent a Dumpster This Spring with Clean Er Up Bin Rentals

5 Reasons To Rent a Dumpster This Spring with Clean Er Up Bin Rentals

5 Reasons Renting a Dumpster Rental Is a Good Idea

It’s that time of year when people start thinking about getting rid of clutter, taking care of projects or tackling that idea that they’ve been putting off for far too long. Spring is a time of renewal, but it’s also a time for organizing, and that’s why now could be the right time for a dumpster rental for your home or business.

Clean Er Up Bin Rentals has been helping customers with their bin rental needs in Hamilton for years. Below you’ll find some of our customer’s favorite reasons to take advantage of our dumpster rental service in Hamilton, Brampton, Milton and more.

1. It’s Been Quite a Year, Let’s Get Rid of Stuff

A lot of us – in fact almost all of us – have spent a lot more time in our homes over the past year than perhaps we ever have. With lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and working remotely becoming the norm instead of things that seemed beyond any fathomable reality, people have had a lot of time to go through their things and likely realize that it’s time to offload.

2. Renovate and Refresh: It’s Time to Work on Your Home

During this year at home, a lot of people have also had time to think about some bigger projects they may want to have done. These include renovations, expansions, modernizations and the like. If this includes you, your project will involve demolition, and you’ll need a dumpster rental to handle all of the junk that you’re going to accumulate.

3. It’s Time to Move

Spring and early summer is also a time when school years are ending and there’s a break in the calendar. That also means that it’s a popular time for people to move into a new home altogether. Clearly, part of moving is purging, as it’s always fascinating to really see how much stuff we accumulate without realizing it. A dumpster rental can help remove all of this clutter quickly and easily.

4. It’s Easier on the Environment

If you’re cleaning out a big pile of junk, it may be possible to offload all of it yourself if you make enough trips to the local dump. However, doing so may actually cost more based on fuel costs and dumping fees, and all those trips are so time consuming! There’s no reason to burn all of that gasoline when one trip when you can give us a call for dumpster rental services and we will take care of things.

5. It’s Time to Motivate Yourself

Finally, if you’re thinking about a dumpster rental for your home or business, you should be aware that a common side effect is unexpected motivation! Once our Clean Er Up team gently delivers your rented dumpster it may inspire you to clean up even more unwanted junk. With such a great opportunity right outside, you may just decide that it’s time to get rid of even more unnecessary things. After all, the dumpster is sitting right outside – it makes it easy to toss something without having to plan a logistical trip to take care of it!

The bottom line is that a dumpster rental is a great idea for a lot of reasons, many of which are individual to your situation. If you’re ready to take the next step, go ahead and review our ordering page and get started.

Understanding Dumpster Rental Fees

Understanding Dumpster Rental Fees – Make Sure You Don’t Overpay For A Rental

  • Tonnage overage fee/overweight fee 120+ Tax per pro rated US ton over 1 US Ton included in each rental package.
  • $25 fuel surcharge per bin.
  • Terms of lease: Non-refundable cancellation fee. 15%
  • $10 per tire (ECO Fee)
  • Cleaning Fee: 450$ + Tax for paint, light bulbs. Hazardous materials, cleaning chemicals, hazardous chemicals. “What can and what cannot go into a dumpster in Hamilton Ca
  • $100 Dry run fee: If we’ve dispatched to pick up the bin and we have no access to the dumpster bin.
  • Fill Line fee = $200 (If customers are caught with garbage filled above the fill line).
  • Day Extentions ($30 per day) Maximum of 3 Day Extensions per rental package chosen (3 Day, 7 Day, 10 Day, 14 day).

When renting a dumpster in Hamilton you want to make sure that you’re getting the best dumpster for the best price. Fortunately, at Clean Er Up Bin Rentals we are completely transparent in our dumpster fees. You can look up any one of the dumpsters online and see how much they would cost by size and by number of days rented. That link is below. 

But there’s more that goes into dumpster rental fees than just a dumpster. What do you get for your money when you rent a dumpster in Hamilton, and what additional fees could there be?

What Do You Get For Your Dumpster Rental Fees?

When you rent a dumpster from Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we have your back. Yes, we know that makes it sound like it’s a vacation with everything included, but when you’re doing a lot of heavy work and loading that dumpster it’s going to feel like a vacation when someone shows up to take all of it off your hands and leave you with a clean yard.

The dumpster rental fees include the delivery of the dumpster, the pick-up, the disposal (including landfill and recycling fees), and fuel charges. In other words, it’s the whole package. You pick how long you want to have it, then we come with the dumpster on our truck, place it in the driveway (or the relevant area where you’re working), you fill it up over the course of the several days you have it, then we pick it up, haul it away, and you’ll never have to worry about anything in it ever again.

Where Can You Find the Rental Fees?

The rental fees are on our website, which you can access here. When you get to the page, you can select the right size dumpster for your job, the number of days you’re going to need it, and the date you want it. The price will be right there in front of you—you don’t even need to talk to a salesperson. 

Each quote gives you the full price and gives you a weight limit. If you exceed that weight limit, then there is a prorated disposal cost on top of the original price (and that prorated disposal cost is also listed on the website, so everything is transparent). If you want to keep the dumpster for an additional few days, there’s a cost listed there for that as well.

What Additional Fees Are There for Dumpster Rental?

There are additional fees for dumpster rentals for going over the allotted weight limit (which is clearly marked online), and the cost for keeping the dumpster for additional days, though there are a few more fees for rare circumstances. 

  • Typically, all our dumpsters include one US Ton (2000 lbs) of weight. Extra weight is $120 per US Ton, and that’s prorated (so if you only put in an extra half ton, you’ll only pay half that). 
  • If you need the bin for more than your rented days, the day extension fee is $20 per extra day
  • In the event that we come to pick up the dumpster and cannot get it (either because it is overfilled or is blocked by vehicles) there will be a dry-run charge of between $100 and $150.
  • Every tire in the bin will add a $10 Eco fee charge. 
  • In the event that you have disposed of restricted or hazardous materials in the bins to which a spill occurs, there will be a charge for $450 for a Hazardous Materials/Spill Clean Up.


Are you ready to rent a Clean Er Up Bin?


Order online today!

The Best Way To Clean Up After A Wedding

The Best Way To Clean Up After A Wedding

Here in Southern Ontario the dark thick fog of the pandemic is finally beginning to lift, and hopes are high that we can return to our normal lives. It has been a rollercoaster of a year, but we’re almost there, and that means we can think about putting those tentative plans back on the calendar and making up for lost time.

One of those things that got put on the backburner for many people was their wedding. Those got shut down in a hurry, and couples scrambled to make new arrangements. It was frustrating, it caused a lot of anxiety and basically it sucked in every possible way.

This spring and summer many couples are planning outdoor weddings because they are a great way to move forward with their weddings, and walk the line of still being able to invite a full guest list to their event and still be safe. It is a great way to still have your special day, and with millions of great ways to have an outdoor wedding online, you can piece together a beautiful experience that is probably not only a lot nicer than simply hiring a venue, but also more original. You can make it all about you, and your tastes.

When you are planning your outdoor wedding, don’t forget to think about the practical stuff. Sure it’s easy to forget about the need for portable toilets when you really want to think about centrepieces, but your guests are really going to need those portapotties.

You will also need electricity, water, probably a trailer or two for the wedding parties to get ready and you will need to rent a roll-off disposal dumpster. Weddings create a massive amount of stuff that requires disposal and you can’t just leave it in a field.

You can rent one from us online and we will book a time to deliver to your event. We can place it discreetly away from the event on any hard flat surface, and when the show is over, we will haul everything away to a local waste management recycling centre. You won’t have to see it, think about it, and when you are long gone on your wedding night there won’t be a huge mess for the parents and friends to clean up.