Bin Rental

Just some tips before you get started in the rental process. While looking around for different dumpsters to rent, you’ll notice companies have multiple choices when it comes to dumpster sizes. Here at Clean Er Up Bin Rentals we have 4 standardized choices to choose from ranging from 4 Yard, 10 Yard, 16 Yard and 20 Yard dumpster sizes. There’s a lot of customers that reach out to us and have trouble deciding which bin they think they will need based on dimensions and what they are throwing out. If you’re lucky enough to be reading this post, we’ll make sure you’re guided in the right direction when choosing the dumpster size that fits your job.

Before we begin just so you’re more prepared when deciding
which dumpster to choose, here’s some of our top tips:

Get organized
before you book your dumpster.

We have a lot of customers calling in booking dumpsters for a week and then they call us asking for day extensions. At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals we care about your success and we want you to be as stress free as possible when renting a dumpster. Being organized is just asking yourself some simple questions and being prepared to take action.

Ask yourself
these questions:

  • Is my contractor going to be on time when renting the bin?
  • What needs to be thrown out?
  • How heavy is the debris being thrown out?
  • What time should I have the dumpster delivered?
  • What rooms need to be cleared out?
  • Am I going to throw out debris as I go or should I put everything into the garage/ backyard before I book the dumpster rental?

Educate yourself on
what can and can’t go
inside of a dumpster

When renting a dumpster rental from Clean Er Up, we obviously wish it was just that easy to throw out anything that you can possibly think of but that’s just not how it is. Throwing out the wrong items could actually make things worse for you. If you put paint in our bins and the paint spills on the surface, we’re not held liable. There have been customers in the past that choose to throw out paint and what ends up happening is the paint spills on the driveway of course and it doesn’t look nice. So don’t throw out paint! Make sure you read our article on “What Can Go Inside Of A Disposal Bin Rental” so you have a brief understanding when it comes to renting a dumpster.

Dumpster placement
saves time

You wouldn’t think placing a dumpster more towards the backyard fence would slow you down but, in some cases, it does slow you down.

Where is most of the debris coming from?

Just because you have heavier debris coming from the back yard fence it doesn’t mean the best placement is more towards the backyard fence, our dumpsters come with barn doors so it’s easier for you to fill. Also, take into consideration when you want to have your dumpster rental placed on a city street, alley or even in a court. By-law requires that you fill out a permit application if you want to place a disposal bin on government property.

Heavier debris,
smaller bin

The best way to put it is, heavier debris means smaller bins and bulkier debris means larger bins. The maximum weight allowed inside any of our residential bins is 5 Tons. As we’re specialized in residential dumpster rentals, our trucks are too. The business is built on delivering residential roll off dumpsters to customers mainly on their driveway. 

Pack the debris with
the largest items on
the bottom with smaller
items sitting on top

When filling up the dumpster, be sure to put all of the bulkier items on the bottom. Mattresses should be placed on the bottom either laid down or standing up sideways, couches should go just as is, tables should be standing inside the dumpster not randomly placed on top of debris below it (you can also throw debris underneath the table). We don’t recommend you just throw everything over the top of the dumpster as you might not be able to fit everything you need inside. 

Think of filling a dumpster as a moving company would pack a moving truck. A moving company organizes everything mentally before the truck even begins to get packed( they have a game plan) and they also have the proper tools to pack the truck. They really don’t want to keep going back and forth filling the truck again and again (ordering more bins in your case) because it has the tension to create a bad customer experience knowing the movers could have fit in more items so the customer doesn’t get charged for another load.

Have the right
tools in place

Are you filling multiple 4-yard dumpsters with soil? Well maybe you’ll need a skid steer to speed up the job.

Are you moving? Don’t just fill cardboard boxes that are only going to your new home, buy some extra cardboard boxes to make the dumpster rental process easier. The more efficient you stack items in the dumpster, the more money you can save from not renting several bins.

Are you lifting couches, appliances, HVAC units etc…? Be prepared to have a dolly around so you can easily pick up the heavier objects without breaking your back.

Are you disabled or injured and don’t have the help required for the bulkier/heavier objects? Look on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace. There are tons of people willing to come help you.

These are just a few tips that will exponentially increase your success when renting a dumpster. It’s not just about renting. It’s about who you’re renting off of, how much value you are receiving, how much money can you save just by learning something new, how much time will you save by doing things right from the beginning. At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we thrive on helping you become successful in renting a dumpster. Beginner to Expert there’s always something new to learn and we’re here to help you the whole way.

Now for the fun part, Our Dumpsters

Ontario Dumpster
Rentals Clear
the Clutter

There is a lot to think about when beginning a home renovation, new construction or yard project. There is a long list of to-dos and one that is often missed is what to do with all of the clutter and trash associated with these projects. The best solution is Clean Er Up Bin Rentals. Our Ontario dumpster rental company gets that aspect of things handled before you even get started.

We’ve provided dumpster rentals for customers in Ontario for all sorts of reasons. Our disposal bin rental service helps with projects like home renovation, construction, or yard projects.

4 Yard

Our smallest size by far but don’t be fooled as it does damage for heavy debris removal. When choosing a 4 Yard Dumpster it would make sense to use the dumpster for heavier debris such as concrete, soil, asphalt, brick, limestone, aggregates, mulch and thick metal pieces. When we started Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, we thought about the many ways we could service multiple customers as there are customers that need bin rentals in tight spaces such as in alleyways and smaller courts. Our trucks being more on the smaller scale, allow us to maneuver into tight spaces where bigger trucks won’t even dare to go to. That is one of our advantage bin strategies when it comes to same day service as having a bigger truck would slow us down dramatically.

Great for:

Soil, Sod, Topsoil | Sand | Aggregates | Concrete | 

Brick | Stone | Rip-Rap

Why is it rented?

Pool excavations | Trenches | Gardening/Landscaping | Driveways | 4 Yard Dimensions: 12’ long, 4’ wide, 2’ high

10 Yard

By far, our most under rated dumpster. The 10 Yard Dumpster is mainly used for small to medium debris removal whether it be bathroom renovations, garage cleanouts, 50×50 roof tear offs (or smaller), deck removal and last but not least, tile removal! If you’re looking to do more of a cleanout style and your kind of picky meaning there’s not that many things you want to throw out but you know it’s not going to be a massive amount of debris being thrown out, then pick the 10 Yard Dumpster. If you’re looking to have a sparkly bin on your driveway this is the bin to order (unfortunately, it doesn’t get much love 🙁).



Great for:

Small renovations | Small roofs | Small deck removal |

Small tile removal

Why is it rented?

House renovations | Small cleanouts | 10 Yard Dimensions: 12’ long, 5’ wide, 5’ high

16 Yard

When planning out different projects, it’s confusing to know which dumpster size is appropriate to rent. The 16 Yard Dumpster is a hot seller as it’s mainly “stacked” with other debris removal items. You can start by filling it with a roof tear off of around 80 bundles (70 lbs. each bundle) then throwing old plywood on top of the shingles, maybe some garbage bags from the customer’s house and lastly your excess food scraps from lunch time. It’s great for roofers, fencing, decks, medium to large household cleanouts & home renovations.




Great for:

Medium to Large projects

Why is it rented?

Full roof installation | Full deck installation | Gardening/Landscaping | Full household cleanouts | Moving 16 Yard Dimensions: 12’ long, 6’wide, 5’ high

20 Yard

The fill line killer, the over heaping monster, the last but not least, the 20-yard dumpster. It’s kind of like you know “the one that got away type of thing”, hard to get a hold of because these darn things are always rented out (they drive us crazy) and of course don’t forget, our future rust buckets in the making (no really these things fly off the shelves and they take a beating). These bins define our company name, Clean Er Up! That’s right, they were designed to help you clean up the most debris from your residential property so you can efficiently tackle any job. Great for Large roofing Jobs, Large home renovations and Large household cleanouts. It’s basically meant to get er’ done in one shot.

Great for:

Large Projects

Why is it rented?

Home Renovations | Moving | Small cleanouts |

20 Yard Dimensions: 12’ long, 8’ wide, 6’ high

As you can tell, our dumpsters can be used for almost anything. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us or check our FAQ. For more information in regards to how our rentals work you can visit our terms of lease page and terms & conditions page.