5 Home Renovation Strategies In 2021 To Profit BIG Off Your House Flip

Home Renovations, everyone’s favorite thing to do once. That feeling of renovating your home with beautiful décor, a new driveway; hey even a new fence. Coming out of 2020 with the huge surge in the real estate market seems daunting to get into flipping but don’t worry, be prepared to enter the world of house flipping because we have you covered here when it comes to making money on your flip!

The place where lovely food is served, the Kitchen!

When it comes to renovating your Kitchen, the greatest value is changing the look of the countertops & cabinets. Before you start to gut out the kitchen, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with what dumpster size you’ll need to get rid of all the unwanted debris. At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals, a 16-yard dumpster or 20-yard dumpster is the perfect size for your disposal bin needs.

Make sure you think Eco-Friendly

Time has changed the way we live. Technology is getting better, helping you gain some time back in your life (saving money) by switching to Eco-Friendly products. That could be changing out that old fridge and installing a fridge that uses low energy consumption, adding better quality insulation into your attic to save on heating costs. If it saves you money in your own home, it will save money for the new home buyers.

Doors, Doors, Doors, and more Doors!

There are many reasons why homes sell in the market today and one of the simplest things to do is to focus on the curb appeal. The best ways to start off a home renovation is to start by looking at the home’s doors. Do the doors match what the home already has built in to it? Do the doors on the inside look nice but the front door doesn’t match the colors on the outside? Respect your eyes and see the beauty in the renovation and acknowledge that it starts with appearance. Looks attract so make sure to attract those buyers with a nice-looking new door!

One for her and one for him, the Bathroom!

Most bathrooms for sure need a new renovation especially when it comes to the bath tub. The number of germs in the bathtub is absorbent and new home buyers know that. They’re chasing a new feel for the home that they’re looking to buy and the easiest way to steal the new feeling from another seller is to start by looking at the Bathroom. Is it the mold growing near the bath tub? The tiling that needs to be updated? Or is it the walls that need a new paint job? Bathroom Renovations are a tedious job and require the instant need of a container rental. Depending on how big the bathroom is, we can service you with a 10-yard dumpster, 16-yard dumpster, or a 20-yard dumpster.

Chipped wooden deck, cracked doors, sounds like they’re in need of a Paint Job.

Take a look around before you start your Home Renovation and you’ll notice a lot of the paint needs to be changed. Paint starts to crack over the years of owning a home & the new owners will recognize the cracks. You can start by repainting the deck out back or by repainting the front door. Pay attention to the colors on the inside of the house, do they match? Your job as a home flipper is to make everything look pretty, fit together and help the new home buyers appreciate the work you’ve done. Don’t forget about the debris, we’re here to help you with your bin service needs. Just make sure you’re not throwing paint in our bins as paint is a hazardous material. For all of your dumpster rental needs feel free to check us out at www.cleanerup.ca as we’re here to help guide you through the trash removal process of your home renovation.

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