Congratulations! You’ve finally made a date for your dumpster delivery and are eagerly awaiting your drop-off date. While getting a new dumpster can be a benefit in many ways, there are some steps you need to take before your delivery date to ensure a seamless experience.

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What to Know Before Your Dumpster Delivery

Setting up before your dumpster delivery date will help make the delivery process easier for everyone.

Here are the top four things you should know before your dumpster delivery.

  1. Know Your Dumpster Delivery Date

    The most important step in preparing for your dumpster delivery is to know your delivery date!

    When you order your dumpster with Clean Er Up you will be provided with a specific delivery window when you can expect your dumpster.

    Mark this date on your calendar and ensure you will be home and ready to go when your dumpster rental arrives.

  2. Know Where Your Dumpster Will Go

    The next step is all about figuring out the best place to set up your dumpster.

    Generally, a flat hard surface is the best place to put your dumpster rental. If you have a concrete driveway or parking lot, we suggest choosing that space. Asphalt surfaces or places with hard-packed dirt are also good options.

    If you do not have a hard surface available for your dumpster rental, please contact us directly so that the proper preparations can be made.

  3. Remove Obstructions to Prevent Property Damage

    The best way to avoid damaging your property, or the dumpster delivery truck, is to make sure the area where the dumpster will sit is free of all debris and obstructions.

    As well, make sure there is ample room for the dumpster delivery truck to drop off your rental. If the truck has to manoeuvre into a tight space it increases the risk of damage to your property.

    Placing plywood boards beneath your dumpster rental can help reduce the risk of damage to asphalt or concrete.

    Normally, our trucks will show up with a roll-off container to help move the dumpster. Please note that these containers need a bit of extra room so give a wide buffer on any space made.

  4. Know What Can and Can’t Go Inside Your Dumpster

    Understanding what items can and cannot go inside your dumpster rental is a crucial part of your preparation process.

    Certain items such as paint can cause damage to your property and our bins. Similarly, combustible materials such as propane tanks, solvents, and flammable liquids are also banned from entering your dumpster rental.

    For more information, check out our blog on What Can Go Inside of a Disposal Bin Rental?

    You can learn more about hazardous waste types through the Ontario waste management services.

Secure Your Dumpster Delivery Today

Once your dumpster rental is delivered, be cautious when loading large amounts of concrete, shingles, dirt and other such home improvement debris into the dumpster.

Always keep the designated weight limit of your dumpster in mind when loading materials.

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