Understanding Dumpster Rental Fees – Make Sure You Don’t Overpay For A Rental

Understanding Dumpster Rental Fees
  • Tonnage overage fee/overweight fee 120 + Tax per ton over the recommended wait. It’s prorated. So .2 * 120 if it’s overfilled by 500 lbs.
  • Flat fee for the rental + the overweight tonnage fee.
  • They’ll charge for gas in the near future: $25 fuel surcharge per bin.
  • Terms of lease: Non-refundable cancellation fee. 15%
  • They’re busy enough that they need to know how many bins they have to rent even a few months out.
  • $10 per tire (ECO Fee) Tires can’t be recycled)
  • Cleaning Fee: 450$ + Tax for paint, light bulbs. Hazardous materials, cleaning chemicals, hazardous chemicals, (Link to “what can/can’t be put in bins”
  • $100 Dry run fee: If we go to pick up the bin but you rent it for longer or we can’t pick it up.
  • Overfill fee = $200 (If they get caught driving with garbage filled above the fill line, they get a huge fine and it makes it more difficult to keep the license. 
  • Day Extentions ($20 per day)

When renting a dumpster in Hamilton you want to make sure that you’re getting the best dumpster for the best price. Fortunately, at Clean Er Up Bin Rentals we are completely transparent in our dumpster fees. You can look up any one of the dumpsters online and see how much they would cost by size and by number of days rented. That link is below. 

But there’s more that goes into dumpster rental fees than just a dumpster. What do you get for your money when you rent a dumpster in Hamilton, and what additional fees could there be?

What Do You Get For Your Dumpster Rental Fees?

When you rent a dumpster from Clean Er Up Bin Rental, it’s an all-inclusive package. Yes, we know that makes it sound like it’s a vacation with everything included, but when you’re doing a lot of heavy work and loading that dumpster it’s going to feel like a vacation when someone shows up to take all of it off your hands and leave you with a clean yard.

The dumpster rental fees include the delivery of the dumpster, the pick-up, the disposal (including landfill and recycling fees), and fuel charges. In other words, it’s the whole package. You pick how long you want to have it, then we come with the dumpster on our truck, deposit it in the driveway (or the relevant area where you’re working), you fill it up over the course of the several days you have it, then we pick it up, haul it away, and you’ll never have to worry about anything in it ever again.

Where Can You Find the Rental Fees?

The rental fees are on our website, which you can access here. When you get to the page, you can select the right size dumpster for your job, the number of days you’re going to need it, and the date you want it. The price will be right there in front of you—you don’t even need to talk to a salesperson. 

Each quote gives you the full price and gives you a weight limit. If you exceed that weight limit, then there is a prorated cost on top of the original price (and that prorated cost is also listed on the website, so everything is transparent). If you want to keep the dumpster an additional few days, there’s a cost listed there for that as well.

What Additional Fees Are There for Dumpster Rental?

There are additional fees for dumpster rentals for going over the allotted weight limit (which is clearly marked online), and the cost for keeping the dumpster for additional days, though there are a few more fees for rare circumstances. 

  • Typically, all our dumpsters include one ton (2000 lbs) of weight. Extra weight is $120 per ton, and that’s prorated (so if you only put in an extra half ton, you’ll only pay half that). 
  • If you need the bin for more than your rented days, the day extension fee is $20 per extra day
  • In the event that we come to pick up the dumpster and cannot get it (either because it is overfilled or is blocked by vehicles) there will be a dry-run charge of between $100 and $150.
  • As tires are not meant to be disposed of in the dumpsters, every tire in the bin will add a $10 Eco charge. 
  • In the event that you have disposed of restricted or hazardous materials in the bins, there will be a charge from a 3rd party cleanup crew plus a $450 markup.


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