Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Rent A Bin

When it comes to renting a dumpster, there are many reasons why you would want to rent one. Junk Removal jobs, yard waste disposal, new construction jobs you name it. As you can tell the list doesn’t stop but we’ve realized the top 5 reasons why you should rent a bin from Clean Er Up Bin Rentals.

Junk Removal

Whether you’re in the mood for your own junk removal or would like us to help with your debris removal we’re one phone call away. Junk Removal can be a tedious job as lots of objects are very heavy and can be time consuming. We offer 4 different container sizes, 4-yard containers, 10-yard containers, 16-yard containers & 20-yard containers that easily help with your junk removal needs

New Construction

Yes, you read that right, New construction jobs are a big demand for bin services. Our trucks are able to quickly deliver junk bins, skip dumpsters whatever you want to call it, we have them in stock. For New construction jobs we recommend our 20-yard garbage bin along with a 7-day rental package.

House Hold Clean Outs

Have you ever woken up one day and thought “I should really clean out this basement”? That’s where we step in and help you with your house hold bin rental. Our bin services are mainly house hold clean outs ranging from 16-yard to 20-yard dumpster bin rentals. The best part about household cleanouts from what we’ve seen in our data is that 3-day rentals are the perfect rental packages so no more worrying about long it should take you to clean that basement we have it answered right here for you!

House Renovations

One of the staples in the waste management business is renting out bins to customers for home renovations. These bins range from 4 yards to 40 yards in length. For now, Clean Er Up offers 4 yards to 20 yards to service your home renovation needs. For heavier debris like dirt, concrete, asphalt, we recommend 4-yard container rentals. For lighter debris like wood, drywall, and appliances, we recommend 16-to-20-yard container rentals.

Yard Projects

We’ve saved the best for last, landscaping bins! Designing your garden creates excess dirt that will need to be disposed of. Our 4-yard bins for your garden are great for sod removal, concrete removal and many more types of debris. When renting a 4 yard, please notify us if you’re using the bin rental for clean fill (the same debris type no mixing) or a mixed bin (different debris mixed together) as our trucks can only pick up a max of 5 Tons (10,000 lbs.) and yard waste is usually very heavy.

How To Rent A Bin In Ontario

Renting a bin in Ontario depends on a few different factors. How long of a rental period should I choose? What container size would I need to get rid of the unwanted debris? What tools do I need to make sure I can complete the job at hand? These are all questions people ask when renting a bin. At Clean Er Up Bin Rentals we’re here to help you with all of those confusing questions. We understand how to choose the right waste container size from years of experience. As a customer, you’ve come to the right place to get your job completed and we’re here to guide you through the process in helping you understand how to rent a bin.

Order Online

We have Online Ordering for customers who are computer savvy, it’s as easy a few clicks and they’re on their way to booking a bin online. For other customers who are used to calling, we offer that service as well but we recommend all customers check our FAQ and Pricing List for any questions or pricing concerns they may have.

Phone Calls

Calling Clean Er Up Bin Rentals would be the fastest way to rent a bin as well as asking us any questions you have in regards to the rental process. Please call +1 844 958-5678


For customers that are always busy, we recommend you contact us via email and we will promptly get back to you with any questions you have. We will help guide you through the process of choosing the right bin size all the way till the day of pick up!

Social Media

If you managed to see us on Social Media Via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, then feel free to reach out on one of those platforms and we will get back to you In the same day

Choosing the right tools

Make sure before you rent a bin from us that you have organized how to get the job done. Each customer is different when it comes to renting a bin but we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to work efficiently.

Tools that help with renting a 4-yard dumpster


Skid steer (Bobcat) we offer this service as well and you can call in to book the rental


Garbage Cans


Tools that help with renting 10-to-20-yard dumpsters

Lifting straps (for heavier objects like fridges, pianos, and washing machines)

Boxes (for smaller items)

Garbage Bags

Tarps to cover the bin for days that it rains

Preparing for delivery of the bin

There’s a few things you’ll need to know when preparing for the bin rental drop off day.

We’ll need at least 40ft space of length and 8ft of width to drop down the bin on the surface instructed to us.

Clear any cars that will be in the way the day of delivery

Before we leave, we’ll need you to sign the rental agreement unless you’ve signed it online.

Preparing for pickup of the bin

Steps are the same for the delivery process and this time there’s no paperwork to sign.

We will notify you of pickup day either by phone, email or text message

If you need to extend the rental it will be an extra charge of $20+tax per day

How Do I Know What Dumpster Size I Need?

Finding the right size roll-off dumpster is crucial, no matter what the type of project. With the perfectly sized dumpster onsite, waste disposal becomes convenient, efficient, and even cost-effective, whether it’s a renovation, new construction, demolition, or a simple home de-cluttering project.

How to Choose the Right Dumpster Size for Your Project?

If you try to squeeze 10 yards of debris in a 4-yard dumpster in an attempt to save costs, it can be counterproductive. A dumpster bin that is too small tends to be overloaded, which can lead to a mess and extra disposal fees. It can even slow down work as piles of junk gather on location and you find yourself struggling to fit it all in or work around it.

In some instances, you may even have to scramble for an additional bin at the last minute, which can prove to be twice as costly. On the other hand, if the bin is too big, you end up paying unnecessarily for a large sized bin that is not required.

So, how does one find the perfect dumpster rental size? Clean Er Up Bin Rentals provides a helpful guide to help you pick the ideal size based on the type of project so you’re able to stay on schedule and on budget.

Factors to Select the Right Dumpster Size

When picking the right size disposal container for any venture, residential or commercial, some of the most important considerations are the type and volume of waste

Type of Waste

What type of junk will your project generate? Will it be household waste or construction material like wood planks, saw dust, or other raw material? Will it be concrete and brick? For instance, demolition projects typically lead to heavy waste such as block, brick, and asphalt that require large-size dumpster bins that have a high weight bearing capacity. On the other hand, for a garage or attic clean-out, a moderate 10-yard dumpster rental will suffice.

Total Volume

Clean Er Up Bin Rentals provides dumpsters that are typically ‘sized’ according to the cubic yard of volume they can hold. We provide 4, 10, 16, and 20 yard dumpster rentals.

To get a sense, please note that one yard can hold the waste of up to six trash bags (13-gallon). Or you may consider the weight instead of volume but it’s more difficult to estimate the weight of your junk. Then, based on the yard volume or weight, you can easily pick one of our bin sizes. For additional help in selection of the right dumpster size, refer to the next section.

What Are the Different Dumpster Sizes?

Clean Er Up Bin Rentals offers four different sizes of dumpsters to accommodate the varying needs of different types of projects, be it remodeling, construction, demolition, or clean-out. Here are their respective dimensions and project suitability.

4 Yard – 12′ long, 4′ wide, 2′ high

This is the smallest size of dumpster and is a fit for compact-sized home projects. It’s also perfect for small scale home de-cluttering.

10 Yard – 12′ long, 5′ wide, 5′ high

This model is best for small scale contractors looking to have a waste or storage bin onsite for renovation projects.

16 Yard – 12′ long, 6′ wide, 5′ high

Families looking to de-clutter their full-sized houses or mid-size contractors looking for a bin for debris for renovation projects can benefit from this midsize bin.

20 Yard – 12′ long, 8′ wide, 6′ high

This large commercial dumpster size is most suitable for contractors or families working on large remodeling or de-cluttering projects.

Quick and Easy Clean-Ups with Clean Er Up Bin Rentals

Clean Er Up Bin Rentals offers dumpsters for rent for diverse projects like construction, household debris, home clean-outs, renovation, remodeling, flood / fire restoration, and more!

If you need help in choosing the right dumpster rental size for your needs, contact us today and one of our experienced staff will evaluate your requirements and then recommend the perfect solution. Or reserve a bin now!

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Can I Place A Dumpster Rental on the Street in Hamilton

So you’ve decided to rent a dumpster for a home or yard renovation project. This is great! This is the first step on the path to a new and improved property that will bring you much joy and satisfaction. But the question is: where am I allowed to put that dumpster rental? Can I put a dumpster rental on the street, or does the dumpster need to be on the property? Here is all you need to know:

Can I Place a Clean Er Up Bin on the Street?

The short answer is no, you can’t put a Clean Er Up Bin on the street, unless you have a permit from the city that specifically allows you to. This is in accordance with Hamilton, Ontario laws and ordinances. We recommend that you place the bin in either the driveway of the property, or even on the grass.

Either place is fine for the bin, and the bin will not cause damage to either (As long as you don’t overfill it), thanks to the advanced way that we pick up and drop off bins; there will be no unsightly gouges in your asphalt or lawn, and the bin can be easily transported to and from the location without any trouble. Our drivers are specially trained to make sure that the trucks do not damage your yard or drive, and the bins themselves are on rollers which make them easy to load and unload without causing harm.

To place a Clean Er Up Bin on the street, you would need to get a permit from the city of Hamilton.

How Do I Go About Getting a Permit?

To get a permit from the City of Hamilton, Ontario for placing a dumpster, you will need to contact the Corridor Management Office, which can be accessed through their website here. You will need to fill out the Temporary Lane & Sidewalk Occupancy Permit form, with a minimum of five days’ notice.

Rates for the permit range are $53.60 per lane per day, and the fee can be paid by cheques, Visa, or Mastercard, payable to the City of Hamilton.

If I Get a Permit, What Regulations Do I Need to Follow?

The dumpster cannot be placed within 3 meters of a fire hydrant, 6 meters of a crosswalk, and No Stopping Zones must be adhered to. If the sidewalk is closed it must be clearly marked. The permit may not be used for any personal vehicles. And the site must be left in the same condition it was in when the permit was issued.

What Are My Other Options?

The best option is to place your Clean Er Up Bin in the driveway or lawn of the property. To get a better idea of how the bins are delivered and picked up (and the care with which they are deposited and removed) you can visit our website here to watch a video.

Not only is this a cheaper option with less red tape, but it also makes for whatever renovation project you’re planning to be easier, as there is less time expended walking to the street. Having the bins close to your home, though they might make parking difficult for a few days, will be well worth it when you’re tearing out demolition projects, stripping a roof, or digging up your yard. You’ll be glad you had your bin so close to your home, and it will make a significant difference in the function of your project.

However, if you do need to place a dumpster on the street, it’s good to know the laws and procedures required in getting one there.

Now that you know where you can put your dumpster rental, make your Hamilton Dumpster rental online now!